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Seeking advice for stockings size



I've not done a transition, and I literally cannot buy things like stockings at a store, I'm way too shy for this. So I have no choice to do it online and hope for the best. But it doesn't worked. I'm relatively tall, 5'11, so I took what was for this measurement with the weight according to the chart, and it was named XL, and it was not 100% nylon of course, to hope that the stretching could cover some gap in case that it's not high enough. But surprise, even by stretching to the max, it goes barely above my knees. It was purposely a cheap test, fortunately, but now I don't know what to believe, if the chart doesn't even work. Because I would like to buy more luxury ones, but I need to be sure before to spend on something more expensive. I know that each kind of stockings has its own chart but I fear to get the same problem again by trying another time. And if I choose blindly XXL or more, what if it's the height is good but they are too large? Am I missing something? Something that I should know... Or is there a how to for us somewhere?

You are on the right path Stacy.   Mail order is very helpful and minimizing cost risks is wise.
Clothing size charts can be helpful with interpolating but given girth versus length trade offs it
is always challenging.  At 5'11" you may have better luck if you can find tall size listings and there
are a number of retailers targeting taller ladies.

Also, size charts vary by region of the world--a lot and even between sellers and manufacturers.

Hi MistressStevie, thank you. I feel it almost like a lottery ticket...For example, there you have one with going from 5'2 to 6'2 for L, then 5'2 to 6'7 for everything else: XL, 2L, 3L and 4L so for the height it doesn't help at all. But there you have the thigh, I'm 60, and 63-78 falls in 2L so it could be it, but then, it could not go high enough...And if I go above the width, it may be too large and saggy. I thought a stretch would be really enough to pull it but I stretched all what was possible and it was still really low.

Then 100% nylon seems to have a length or "inside leg" measurement which is good because it's precise. You don't have the thigh though. Since it doesn't stretch, it can be saggy or too tight easily. So having a precise length doesn't seem more secure if you don't have the thigh. And I don't understand the "inside leg" measurement. Is it the total length? Because it doesn't make any sense. If we refer to this table:

Size   Shoe Size (UK)    Shoe Size (Europe)    Height   Inside Leg
X Small    3-4    36-37    4'11"-5'2"    27"/70cm
Small   4-5    37-38    5'2"-5'6"    28"/73cm
Medium   6-7    39-40    5'6"-5'10"    32"/82cm
Tall    8-9    41-42    5'10"-6'2"    33"/85cm
X Tall    10-11    43-44    6'2"-6'4"    34"88cm

32' for medium, and 34 for xtall? 32 is already very long it seems for "medium", considering that for example for pants, my inseam is 32'. But if it's the full length, so adding the foot, ~5', it means that the top of the welt would go up to 32-5=27'? It seems to make sense, if I'm right. It's pretty much half way on my thigh.

Can I have the "inside leg" explained? I've searched but not found anything. I can't wait for one day wearing a luxurious pair...I can't believe it's so random.


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