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unfounded concerns over visual aspect of new genitals

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Hi All,

I had my Surgery with Dr Kanhai in The Netherlands in June and I have healed well
I had my last checkup at the 4 month mark and as it is a 6 hour round trip for a 15min check up won't need to go back unless I get issues.

Well I'm finding it very difficult to know if what I have is where everything should be

one concern is do I have a clitoral hood, should I have clitoral hood? Do I need one?

My vagina looks a bit like a cartoon butt hole is that correct should it be dead center or a bit to the left (I have a thing about things being level symmetrical)

How close should it be to the clitoris? it is below the urethra which seems to be right from the diagrams online but I wouldn't say it was enveloped by the labia more like hanging around down the bottom out the way

I know everyone is different, but when I ready statements like the gynecologist couldn't tell I start to wonder



Have a look at the Great Wall of vagina.

I had a look at the great wall of vagina sadly didn't answer my questions

I found some old porn movies and can only assume I need to remove all my hair from those examples

I am thinking of buying some adult magazines

I will ask again should I have clitoral hood? Do I need one?



Once you’re post op I suspect it’s best to avoid these kind of thoughts if at all possible. It’s fine pre-op if you have a choice in surgeons, but post-op it’s only going to result in unhappiness or more surgery.

Not sure if you’re joking about the adult magazines or not. Internet is full of this stuff for free.

Nadine Spirit:
My personal thoughts, everyone's genitals are all different.  I don't think it is a matter of should you have a clitoral hood, so much as do you want to have a clitoral hood.  If you are not happy with your appearance there are always second stage surgical procedures you can have.  I have heard that many who are mostly concerned with appearance often have a second surgery to improve appearance.  It is a concern for me in my upcoming surgery, so I have already prepped myself to accept that this might not be a one and done procedure.  But then again, maybe everything will function fine, and maybe I will be happy with my appearance regardless of how it compares to others. 

If it doesn't function well, get it fixed, if it doesn't look right to you, get it changed.


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