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Any pelvic physical therapy advice for dilation and groin pain at 8 mo post-op?

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--- Quote from: Dorit on November 15, 2021, 03:43:19 am ---I had similar problems and went to a physiotherapist that specializes in pelvic floor problems for women and has experience with transgender women.  She showed me a number of stretch exercises to do that would help, I have  five photos of them. She also brought out a vibrator, showed me how to use it, and recommended it for releasing the muscle tension in my vaginal area.  She also said that I might just enjoy it too! If you would like, I can send you the photos.

--- End quote ---

Hi Dorit,

Please do send me photos and descriptions of the exercises!  I've had a lot of trouble getting PT.  The doc I saw took a week to tell me they couldn't request prior auth for PT because my PCP wasn't in their network even though my PPO plan says I don't need a PCP or PCP permission for referrals.  So it's been a mess and I don't know how much longer it will take to get the auth much less the PT appointment.

I did manage to see a gynecologist who looked in the canal and said the skin looks raw and "needs healing".  This was incredibly depressing to hear at 8+ months.  She made me bleed trying to look with her speculum.  She also said labia skin looked thin and prescribed me estrogen cream to try to thicken the skin of the labia and vaginal canal.  My tightness problems started when I stopped using steroid cream for granulation and I feel like the two are likely related, though the surgeon's assistant thought it was coincidence.  Either way, I can't get the blue dilator in without pain anymore and even the purple one usually hurts now.  Maybe trying to force them in despite the pain is part of my problem, so I've fallen back to the orange one even though I hate losing all my progress.  I plan to use the purple only as deep as it doesn't hurt.

I hope this helps.  They are all stretch positions to maintain for at least 10 seconds. Sets of three each where recommended.

Thanks so much for your images!  I did finally see a PT and she said those exercises were good.  She also gave me a few more but I don't seem to have access to attach an image.

I think the exercises help but she also did some rubbing on the scar tissue that probably helped more.  She was pulling on my inner thighs in places I didn't expect would have scar tissue but I think the idea was to make nearby scar tissue stretch and soften over time.  She said I could do similar rubbing at home but to never go too hard or you can reverse your healing progress. She said the same applies to dilation - don't force it or the skin could be injured and tighten rather than loosen.

I also saw the gyn again who was able to get a smaller speculum in without much pain.  She found clumps of hair mashed into the bottom of my canal!  I've never heard anyone even say that was a possible problem.  So I have to squat and take a photo up between my spread labia before each dilation to make sure there's not a hair hidden in there.  I've already found one.  Gyn also did silver nitrate on my granulation.  I had my first almost painless dilation yesterday so things are looking up.

Happy to hear your good report!   This is my three year post-op birthday month!  :)


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