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--- Quote from: Pammie on November 17, 2021, 04:53:07 pm ---Ah OK. That is very different to how your original post came across

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...It's a "kink" group of "friends" lol. ...Not my VANILLA friends. 😅

There's at least three actual friends RSVP'd...but also three enemies. 😑

...Should be fun! 😜

I'll probably just sit quietly sipping margaritas and going somewhere else in my head lol. 😅

Eeek! It went totally great! I made five new friends, and only saw my three enemies very briefly. Eek! And I officially have a "boyfriend" AND "girlfriend" around my age! (They're a couple who kinda...well, kidnapped me lol. But in like, the BEST way possible rotflol. 🤣)

Maid Marion:
Hi Ellie_Jean,

That is great!



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