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Why some try to label differing opinions as “hate”

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--- Quote from: Lady Sarah on November 26, 2021, 08:59:25 pm ---OK. I was AMAB. That did nothing as far as making me competitive in any sports. Until I was 15, I had the same height, weight, and nearly the same build as the girls. I say that, because only then did I actually hit a growth spurt, making me as tall as the boys.

So, you cannot lump everyone into the same basket. We are not all the same. Everyone's mileage varies. When it came to phys Ed in school, the only students I could compete against were the girls. I was on their level. Even the teachers knew it. When forced to compete against the boys, I was a total failure.

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Same here. I was the typical nerdy/autistic bookworm hiding in the Library during PE lol. Prominent member of the Chess Club. Always made the Honor Role. I was a walking cliche; constantly bullied lol. I tried joining the wrestling team to make my psycho dad proud, but at the tournament he hung his head and walked out with a disgusted look on his face when I got my butt whooped by a girl. (Apparently gender doesn't matter in wrestling either; she turned me into a pretzel lol. It was a low point in my life lol.) 😅


--- Quote from: TXSara on November 26, 2021, 05:32:36 pm ---Thanks Iztaccihuatl for your reasoned argument.  I didn't mean to sidetrack the discussion, though... my only point was that many of the issues we tend to demonize others over are not quite as "open and shut" as we might like them to be.  It's always best to try to understand the other side rather than assume that they are "evil" or "stupid".

I would love to continue this discussion another time without derailing the thread -- I like where you're at, but I still don't buy some of the "10-12%" numbers (weightlifting is at least 30%) or the dismissive comment that there is "no study that actually proves an advantage".  I believe there are certain sports where the advantage is negligible, but there are others (basketball, volleyball, high jump, etc) where it doesn't require a scientific study to see the advantage of having passed through male puberty.  The difficulty is that it is really hard for us to come up with hard and fast rules that address the problem in the best and most equitable way -- the lazy solution is what we get most of the time.


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Thanks, Sara. I agree, we shouldn't further sidetrack this thread, but if you want to discuss the topic of transgender inclusion in sports (one of my soapbox topics), let's open a separate thread.


--- Quote from: mako9802 on November 13, 2021, 01:11:30 pm ---I posted a previous topic on this.  People in the LGBT are way to quick to label people as bigots are haters because they disagree with what you believe.  Dissenters are not “haters” people who don’t go with the flow are not bigots.  It’s just a different opinion.  I just see things different.

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Agreed.  I find that they do so for political reasons. Not everything has to be about stinking politics.  People like that tend to see things through a single lens...their lens.  They expect everyone else to comply.  Life ain't so black and white.  There is a lot of shades fo grey in between.  If you expect other people to be open-minded and accept you, then you have to return the same in kind.  It is a two-way street.


--- Quote from: Haley Conner on November 19, 2021, 04:44:50 am ---I see a lot of "You are not valid" type of comments directed at trans people.  Be it their opinion or not, that qualifies as hate speech IMO.  Marginalizing groups of people is the aim.

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Some trans people try to invalidate others because they get this air of superiority.  “I’m one of the good ones”. Oh this is how you are supposed to be doing it”. I’m like let peope do what they need to do.  Let them figure out who they are.  Don’t tell them what they are our try to make them what you want them to be.  Just let them be.  If you see a non-binary person who current presentation you may not like or agree with just sit back and relax and don’t be pushy towards them.  Maybe Androgyne is a pit-stop or whatever they are at the moment.  I have been bullied by binary transwoman in my area.   Here why I’m not a femme,  I didn’t totally hate my male side.  By I’m way more comfortable being androgynous to feminine looking than I am being totally male.  I not totally male or totally female.  I’m “in the middle”. All they did is push me away and make me uncomfortable.

'lgtb issues' are pretty heavy because we are talking about bigotry and which people deserve to exist and have rights, trans people are wary and it's not really our fault, it's a survival mechanism.
That being said I read your previous post and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE  can tell you who you are! <3
Best wishes, hoping you find the support you need!


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