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How can we expect acceptance if we can’t accept others…

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Lady Sarah:
I know your pain. I went through it in San Francisco when the local Trans groups decided I didn't fit in. Then, I went through it again after moving from there to Asheville, NC, and butted heads with someone that deemed themself the top dog that all Trans there had to go through, and demanded $20 a month for access to resources.

I don't have an answer to resolve your dilemma, but I can tell you how I resolved mine.

I broke all contact with any and all local LGBTQ groups. I made phone calls. Finding a physician was one I needed in Asheville. I got an appointment. The doctor cussed at me and told me to leave. I filed a lawsuit. The doctor over the one that cussed and told me to leave called me. We talked. I dropped the suit and got a doctor. It took 3 weeks of phone calls to stop the pharmacy from denying me my prescriptions. That top dog had some control, but I was pulling power.

I never had any problems anywhere since then. Of course, I haven't lived within driving distance of any of those groups either.

That’s pretty much my plan as well.  I just plan to avoid  my local LGBT community in it’s entirety.  Especially my local trans community.  Oil and water can’t mix.  I have said this before but at this point I despise them.

The unfortunate situations described above are sad.


I avoid "communities".  They usually don't feel right to me .

While I've had some negative situations in all kinds of places,. I've done well being accepted on a individual basis in what might be called less "progressive" areas.  Just by being real, presenting okay and showing respect to myself and others wherever I'm at.  It works with progressive-minded folks too btw!

It's mostly the tribal mob mentality I need to avoid.

Good luck to you Mako.  Stay away from hate, or dispel it with respect and love. Be where you really need to be.  Peace

Haley Conner:
Every group has it's jerks.


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