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So excited and anxious, too!

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I did it, y'all. I applied my <doseage not allowed> Dotti patch, took my progesterone and T blocker pills and getting ready to go to bed and sleep peacefully. Not sure if we can name names, but the good folks at Folxx took care of me, the counseling was great, and their service is spot on!

I'm looking forward to the journey ahead of me and I feel free.

Maid Marion:
Congratulations!  That is a big step!


Congrats! I'm unfamiliar with the rules on naming names or dosages or whatevs...I wouldn't worry about it. If someone gets uppity about it, oh well lol. 🙄

Welcome to your first step of a thousand mile journey. Please keep us posted about your adventure.


Congratulations on starting your HRT journey yesterday. You'll  remember applying the first patch and taking the first tablets forever!

Wishing you every happiness and success on your journey.


Pamela xx


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