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Getting into the grove.

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I hope you continue to recover rapidly.

sounds tricky,
hoping you find a way to manage the 2nd dialation after lunch.

I was worried about dialation schedule, because we just don't get long breaks at my work.  My surgeons directions state two dialations/day, and I'm hoping that's how it will work...

Glad you're starting to get a groove back

Going for a gentle food shop this morning , also will pop in and see my sister and niece . My niece runs a laundry business and my sister helps .


--- Quote from: davina61 on November 19, 2021, 09:11:47 am ---Okay 4 years full time but 2 weeks since GRS. Will be nice to wear leggings and a short skirt!!

--- End quote ---

Hi Davina you don't need to wear the short skirt any more just leggings and t-shirt is an awesome feeling when out and about, one of my fave experiences so far since the GRS so defining



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