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On this Transgender Day of Remembrance I think about the one death that has had the largest impact on my life.

I was just over 2 months into my transition when on December 28th, 2014  Leelah Alcorn took her own life by stepping in front of a moving semi, because her parents were sending her to conversion therapy.

This tragedy is the reason I started my activism. I never wanted another person to feel that alone. It's why I worked to change laws in my state and why I have be so visible. Going on Radio, TV and internet talk shows. Why I try to be a positive light on my page.

I will never forget that brave young woman who was driven to the end of the line by a hateful society, and parents who hated who she was so intensely that she would rather have died, than live the life they wanted her to live

I still remember her too.  She encouraged me to be an activist.


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