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Always so  sad to hear of someone going thru such pain. In my experience helping and financing GRS, the surgeon has always  been very active to correct such matters. So much pain is very rare if it lasts more than a a couple of weeks, without identifying the issue. Pain can be caused by, damaged nerves,  infections or later, in dilation with torn stiches. One week post OP is the most difficult time and I hope it will get better in the next couple of week.

I note you did not mention where you had the surgery and always remember whatever you signed to release them from responsibility they are never released for negligence. The surgeon must be an integral part of the solution.

I hope this will be solved in due time and I wish you the best of luck.

Sorry to hear this, some thing I was worried about but have been totally pain free . Still a bit sore after 18 days.
You do need to chase this up dear and may it resolve soon.


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