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What have you done with your “birth gender” clothing?

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What have you done with your “birth gender” clothing as you transition or have finished transitioning, as you do not need them much or at all?

Did you give most or all away?

Do you keep some for some occasional use when you are with someone you have know but have not disclosed to him or her your true gender?  Maybe for work if you did not open up to them?

Do you keep only the androgynous items?

I suppose if one is not of one (1) gender then you may want both wardrobes to some extent.


We always donate if there is any value left in the item(s). My clothes slowly got replaced with what I like to wear.  I was at a crossroads of 'some in reserve' to keep up appearances when my wife gathered them up, got rid of them, and told me "It's time to commit to who you are"

Well, here I am. :P

I kept a few pairs of tennis shoes, socks, sweatshirts, and one pair of jeans. Everything else went to the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission, it took several trips. Removing 'his' clothes from our home felt quite liberating. I came out and went full time on 16 Feb 2018, since then I only wear women's clothes -- my clothes.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

I wore some of them for years and have no aversion to them. Men's clothing is often better made, which many women realize. Here's an example of that:

I was needing a new winter coat and was shopping at a Fat Face store. I'd donned and doffed several women's coats, but didn't love any of them.

Then I saw this waxy coat that looked like bullets would bounce of it and the saleswoman said, "That's a men's coat, but we sell as many to women as to men."

That's the coat I bought, to go with my men's hat and my other men's coat.

What I can't wear is men's pants. Their waist to hip ratio is wrong.

Goodwill for the most part.

There are several androgynous pieces of clothing (especially some high-quality loose-fitting t-shirts and fleece jackets and sweatpants) that I kept and still wear around the house or around the neighborhood.



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