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What have you done with your “birth gender” clothing?

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Nadine Spirit:
If the clothes were of some quality I donated them, otherwise I threw them away.  Hmmm...... I did keep my ski jacket as it is quite androgynous and cost about $400.  Though I have not gone skiing since my transition and four years later now I'm like, well maybe I'd like something different, so it's probably going to be donated soon as well. 

The only things I think I have kept are my Navy dress blues, and a few other uniform items.  The rest I've either donated, or my kids use them as 'dirty work' clothes.


--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on November 23, 2021, 08:26:50 am ---What have you done with your “birth gender” clothing as you transition or have finished transitioning, as you do not need them much or at all?

Did you give most or all away?

Do you keep some for some occasional use when you are with someone you have know but have not disclosed to him or her your true gender?  Maybe for work if you did not open up to them?

Do you keep only the androgynous items?

I suppose if one is not of one (1) gender then you may want both wardrobes to some extent.


--- End quote ---

I've only recently had to start thinking about this myself; my "from-the-women's-department" clothing is catching up in quantity with my "from-the-men's-department" clothing lol. 😅

I think I'll just keep the former in my main bedroom, and just start keeping the latter in the dresser in my walk-in closet. 🤷‍♀️
...#FirstWorldProblems LOL 🤣

Lady Sarah:
Way back when I got rid of my "guy clothes", I donated anything that was any good, and trashed the rest. I have a couple t-shirts from back then, from rock concerts, but then they are gender neutral anyways.

Undies binned. Although I kept them for years, wearing on occasion when I didn’t want to tuck or feel my bits pressed up as tightly against me as when I wore panties. Post-op now, they’re gone as there’s no need for them.

Old work clothes donated. T-shirts kept, and still worn. So sometimes externally I end up still dressing the same as when I was trying to pass myself off as a guy.


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