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What have you done with your “birth gender” clothing?

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--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on February 13, 2022, 09:46:05 pm ---I had some male friends that were in need because they were out of work and unemployed for a long time.

--- End quote ---

I am sure they appreciated the clothing.


It has been donated over many years. Long before transitioning, I was already phasing out men's clothes for subtle women's equivalents. I didn't have much of any left by the time I began transitioning.

Donation is the way to go with this birth gender clothing, as well as correct gender clothing that you hope others will make better use of than you now will.  Others will appreciate your gifts.


With the exception of some boy's polos, I have donated all of it. I only have the polos since my parents at this point will mot let me use women's tops since I am not out yet. My parents don't realize I gave away all my old pants and socks. I guess on those it is stealth donation to this day.


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