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Bottom surgery without hormones


Hello I can not take hormones because I have family history of cardiovascular disease. I was born male and really want a functioning vagina. I am hoping I can get a vaginalplasty and keep my penis and testicals (I like my male parts and they produce my hormones) I would theoretically like to have the vagina under my testicals between them and my anus. I want to be gender of non binary in true fashion. I also plan to have breast implants and just need my doctor to say I can not safely take hormones before I get implants. However happily I have been approved to get facial feminization surgery within 2022 most likely within 6 months (I just have to go from a BMI of 38 to under 35.... I can do it!) But if any of you  know if it's possible to get bottom surgery that I want without hormones I would love it. Thanks and happy holidays

It’s called Penile Preservation Vaginoplasty and there a few surgeons who do it. Try google with that name.

It’s possible to get bottom surgery with estrogen, but not at all common. You’ll probably find it more difficult to achieve. You will need to take testosterone afterwards otherwise you’ll end up with medical problems.

Breast implants without hrt is likely to produce sub standard results.

Your BMI is probably going to be an issue for bottom surgery.


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