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Table Top Role Playing Games! For Fun And Adventure!


I love to play Table Top role playing games also known as TTRPG I must admit I am a little rusty like 8 years rusty because I moved to a rural area to start a farm but I did a table top rpg game for a few years when I used to live near portland oregon. I do not know if there are a lot of people in this forum that are into TTRPGs but I find them to be a fun community building hobby. I would offer to game master a game BUT personally I do not know how to be a team leader of a game I can learn how to, but im more of a player of TTRPGs, I played Star Trek RPG set in original series for a few years and for about a year I played Dragon Age, I have not tried dungeons and dragons, though it sounds fun to me and I am totally game to try it. if anybody is interested I think there is an online site that lets people play together from far away I think its called roll20 or d20 or something, again I can even learn to DM a game if anyone is interested, if theres enough support for this I think a Table Top RPG child board could be made for people to get together and have fun and make groups of campaings anyways I sincerely hope each and every one of you has a great turkey day tomorrow and are safe and feel loved.

Haley Conner:
RPG's are great.  I have a D&D campaign going on weekends, though it will probably drop off some time during the winter due to transportation logistics.


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