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Hormone replacement therapy and the human immune system


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Is there any research or studies, experiences etc. on the topic of how male to female hormone replacement therapy affects the human immune system? Is the immune system better or worse due to hormone therapy? Or does it remain the same? Are there any long term effects on the immune system?

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I am not aware of any studies that show any effect on the immune system by sex hormones, such as Estradiol or Testosterone.

However, the sex hormones are chemically similar to anti-inflamatory steroids. There are numerous anti-inflamatory steroids and since inflamation is part of the immune system, there may be some influence, but nothing is clinically noted concerning the sex hormones.

I am aware that the more potent flourinated anti-inflamatory steroids can effect skeletal growth in children, but this is not exactly what you asked. So the answer is no, nothing is noted.

Lady Grey:
I know that HRT and full transition has done wonders for my Major Depressive Disorder, more commonly known as Depression.  And studies have shown that Depression weakens the immune system.  To put it more simply, I now get sick less often and when I do it doesn't last as long.

Harley Quinn:
I haven't noted any change in my immune system.  I never got sick before hormones, and I haven't been sick since starting.  Estrogen and Progesterone come with issues, but its mainly centered around cramps, bloating, nail thinning, breast pain, and things of that nature.


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