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Nora Kay:
Ok. I think I am just looking for someone to say just stop. Or I am just venting. Through my wife’s work we have this know your numbers thing. You go in get a blood test they measure your waist and give you your results. It’s mostly for heart health. Last time I got 2 out of 5 in the green. And when you went to the break down page we’re you get to see all the values, I had multiple in the red. This time all 5 green and on the breakdown page where I get to see all the values it was green on every single one. I have been taking my health seriously lately and all the good heart health is pretty much the 80 lbs I just lost. And still working on it. So I have been happy with my health. Until I go and get labs so I can restart hrt. Ok I know that if my E is high and my t is low. That’s because the test is for male levels. But it’s been 2 and a half years since I paused hrt. And those levels don’t worry me. It’s the other levels. Like thyroid, creatine and the like. I have in an email to the doctor, but my appointment is not until January 24th. Hopefully I hear back soon. Arg!

Maid Marion:
Hi Nora Kay,

Congratulations on losing those 80 lbs.

You will have a lot more clothing options with a slimmer figure.



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