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Has anyone here experienced snobby behavior from binary transwomen?


Just curious…I’m 39 male to androgyne currently.  This at the moment is the description that makes sense to me.  I feel like I’m in a grey area.  I want to femininize the body I have, I basically want female characteristics,  breasts, full thighs etc etc.  But here’s the rub I didn’t hate everything about being a male socially.  But back to the point I have gotten plenty of pushback from binary trans women for not being acceptable.  First of all they never asked me they told me what I am and what I am not.  If you are curious just ask me and I’ll either tell you or not.  My thing is why are you acceptable and what you want and need okay, but what I want is “weird” and who made you the judge?  I want everyone binary trans, non-binary trans to live peacefully not be at each other’s throat.  We are all in this together I thought….I guess not

My experience so far tells that it is rather irrelevant with gender identity. It would be more dependent on your personality and social interaction.

I have many female friends, and some of them praise my beauty. But to them, I am not a genuine woman, but they feel comfortable with me because I am not either a kind of macho man. My wife also tells like "you are anyway a man and a dad" whatever you wear. Some women seem to be relieved once they know I am biologically a man.


Mako, whenever you express your inner feeling, you educate me as to the non-binary condition. Thank you for expressing  your point of view.

I had my own struggles and it took me over 50 years to effectively deal with my issues. NB is entirely new to me and I am still learning. Please be patient with me.  :-X

As for others who do not understand, consider that to be an opportunity to educate. Sometimes we just never imangined anything like it to be possible. If someone tells you that you should be this or that, all you need to say is, "I really just do not feel that way." Then the opportunity to educate is wide open.  ;D

Take care and keep telling us how this is going for you.  :-*

I didn’t hate everything about being male socially either. Being listened to when I had a point to make was great!

I thought the narrative was you’re valid no matter how you mix and match being trans. At least that’s what Tumblr tells me. But I must grant Tumblr is a strange place.

Anyway. Life is grey. Some people have a problem with that, wanting life instead to be cast as a nice high contrast of black and white. They’re going to be perpetually disappointed, but in the meantime they have a habit of making trouble for the rest of us as they try ever so very hard to force their will upon the universe. I doubt the pandemic helps as the tsunami of chaos, and uncertainty we’ve been riding for nearly two years now has to decrease the wherewithal of those seeking simplicity.

It’s difficult mako, and I hope your situation improves soon.

Lady Sarah:
I was androgynous before my transition. I hated it. That's just me.

Never mind other people's expectations. They should mean nothing to you. If we all had to worry about that, most of us would never begin transition. The only people that I expect to live up to my expectations are my husband and myself. Nobody else owes me an explanation, and you owe nobody any explanation for how you live your life... and this is coming from a binary!


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