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For ages iv wanted to go out dressed up but im to worried what other people think.Also i found some shoes that i really like but i dare not buy them as i could never wear them out.

this question is for anyone thats ever went out dressed up.

dont you worry what others may did you overcome this if you did worry about what others think?.


Worrying about what others think is the big drawback to doing anything daring.  I do not mean that worrying about your safety or personal or professional consequences is not important.  They are important.  But they should not be confused with fearing the opinions of strangers.  If you live your life to conform to others opinions then you will never live your own life.

Svetlana made a very good point regarding this, I think.

--- Quote from: Svetlana on May 25, 2005, 08:16:00 pm ---…
i look at it this way:  you could get beaten up, so do you dare go out "dressed"?  you could get run over, so do you dare cross the road?  you could get hit by a meteor, so do you dare live above the earth's surface?  you could get your feelings hurt, so do you dare fall in love?  you could ache, so do you dare move?  you could choke, so do you dare speak?  you could die, so do you dare live?

--- End quote ---

That is from this thread, I also liked Susan’s advice from that thread.

Hey Tammy,

First off, I agree with Louise in which she said: If you live your life to conform to others opinions then you will never live your own life.

I've gone out dressed a lot since I went public four years ago. One thing I always do is to make sure that everything looks really good and makes me more passable. For me it's like a total change of character for me when I become my fem self.


I've only gotten up the courage to go out dressed up once. It kind of freaked me out a little. So now I'm back inside for awhile. But, I would love to go out maybe with a little encouragement from you girls I will get up the courage again...



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