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Is there anyone here that cares more about a physical transition than social one

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Maybe thats a odd question.  For me like I said I currently identify as a “androgyne” and for me my discomfort was mainly about my image in the mirror and the body I have.  I want to look in the mirror and see something that appears to be female or at least androgynous.  I dont want to appear to be male.  I hate seeing something that is clearly masculine.  But as i said before I didn’t hate all things in my me life it was me wanting and desiring for something else.  I know for me probably its a bunch of learned behavior.  I was raised strictly in a masculine manor and some things are hard to unlearn.  But I always as long as i could remember had a pull or a desire to go in the other direction.  Anyone else have anything like this going on?

I think what you’re feeling is pretty common. For me, my post-transition life isn’t that different from my pre-transition life. And my personality isn’t that different either. But I am much, much happier being me. I think that viewpoint is held by many people here on Susan’s.

When I think about social transition, I don’t necessary think that social transition is about how we change during transition…it’s more about how others adapt (or don’t adapt) to our physical changes. And to the extent others don’t adapt well, how do we manage that situation? All of us need to have people in our lives post-transition, and most of us also need to work with others to earn a living. Social transition is about figuring out how that is going to happen.


Nora Kay:
I actually don’t know. But I am a mechanic by trade and I doubt I will give up working on cars. Most of the things in my life are what a so called male would do or like. And there is no way I am giving up the things I like to do. I’ll still be going to hockey games, collecting guns and air guns. I barely go to the shooting range. But I like to collect. More than half I don’t even have ammo for. More of a tomboy if you could call me that at my age. But don’t get me wrong. I love a day at the spa. I mean who doesn’t.

Courtney G:
(I'm new here - please read my introduction thread and chime in)

I very much want/need a fem body, but it's just for me, really. I want to see a female shape in the mirror but I don't even know how to imaging presenting as male. I'd be a tomboy, at best. I just want curves and want my body hair gone. I just started seeing a therapist and I've already started a minor level of transition, but I wouldn't begin to know how to present as female. Fishing, working on cars, and stuff has always been me. I've lose some strength, though, which is weird.

I have this idea that I'll just transition my body and stay stealth indefinitely, but who knows?

Maid Marion:
Maybe the issue is the loss of male privilege?
Maybe the ideal situation would be to look fem while not losing any social status?


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