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I am Jazz.


Hi everyone. I've watched every season of this show so far. I even saw her on 20/20 way back when she was 5 years old. This new season should be interesting since she is post op and struggling with binge eating disorder.
I am currently pre op and I think there's not a whole lot out there on life after surgery for transpeople so this is why I am interested.
Does anyone else watch this show?

Believe it or not, I totally didn't know about it.  I guess I'm really out of touch with what's on TV (or streaming, or whatever).

I think I'll try to look it up and give it a chance.  Thanks!


The new season begins tonight. For me, I am in Miami and the program is on The Learning Channel at 9 pm.

Check your local listings. For people on Central Time, it starts at 8 pm.


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