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Well, I survived. Spent 10 days in ICU being ventilated, discharged on the 26th,  and have weeks of rehab ahead of me as I learn to walk again and regain endurance. Guess I fell into that 1% of the population that doesn't recover from anesthesia. The intended surgery went great. My heart is in great shape now and the dr is pleased with how far how fast my rehab is moving. Can't hold a coherent conversation over 5 minutes yet, but now its because I get distracted instead of lost in the conversation. But, everything will be OK. I haven't hit any walls yet and I feel as if I only need time (and effort) to continue recovery. Amazing how in 10 days I have lost the ability to do so much. My first big recovery step was getting my hand up to my face to scratch an itch. Took 2 hours and I was exhausted.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Anastasia:
I am so very glad that you came back to your thread to update me and the rest of your avid followers.

I am so glad that your surgery went well.... now that is done, the recovery is the harder part, it just takes time, rest and the required rehab and physical therapy to get your body back to a functioning state.

Per your previous postings you mentioned that you were going to kick your smoking habit.... and you had told your surgeon that you did.   You had also stated "I won't after surgery"   Hold yourself to that promise.   You don't want to compromise your health and your heart surgery results by smoking again!!!

Please continue keep your thread updated as you feel comfortable doing.
I am always eager to read your postings and updates as you continue in your journey.
Stay healthy and stay safe!!!

HUGS, and as always, best wishes to you.   :icon_flower: :icon_bunch: :icon_flower:


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