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Have you ever inventoried or organized your MTF wardrobe?

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Lady Sarah:
During spring, winter wear goes to totes in the shed, and summer wear goes to the house. During autumn, summer wear goes to totes in the shed, and winter wear goes to the house. As for organization, there is "going out" stuff, and "working around the yard" stuff.

As I get older, some stuff don't look right on me anymore, and that's when I toss it or donate it. Then, I go shopping for something age-appropriate. I do this about every other year.

It's great to donate!  One of my goals this year :)

I thought I might be able to get through the month without buying any new clothes.  I got half way through the month at least before I bought a pretty blouse!  I guess I can afford it because I have not been eating at restaurants much at all this year or last year.

But one only has so much space to store things.  I should not go to the stores or look at their Web sites or ads at suppose, as that can be tempting. 


Please continue to share your efforts of clothes organization.
I think I will continue to have challenges for storage space and can benefit from good ideas.


Organizing is a must for me. Since I am early in transition and still not out to me family. Bottoms seperated by boys, then girls and womens. I finally the other day got rid of all those boys pants/trousers. Parents don't know I got rid of them. Never wear them anyway. Not allowed to buy women's and girl's tops. I keep about 10 boy's polos and get rid of the rest in preparation for when I get rid of those too. My bust keeps increasing, I am going to grow out of them too. Women's coats and jackets are to the left of the rest of the clothes in my closet. Not wore men's coats in a long time even pre transition. They fall off my shoulders even a size small. Forbidden items like my shorts, dresses, and leggings stay hid in a bag in the bottom of the closet. My parent's don't know I bought these. I have not bought women's tops yet. Wait until I have a chance again. Socks stay hid too. Don't know I have them either. Got rid of men's socks long ago. I don't wear socks it stays a secret. This secrecy gets old. I am waiting until they notice changes before revealing anything. I have no long sleeves of any kind to this point. Most of my closet is jeans and pants/trousers. I don't have enough clothes to concern with winter and summer organizing. Before my first transition attempt in 2015, I had two closets full of clothes, mostly boys apparel. Not any more. I have very little right now. I had a nice wardrobe of women's apparel even shoes until my parents made me get rid of them around 2016.


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