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ECSC has been operating in the state of Washington for 35 years. We have a yearly gala at Port Angeles WA in May. It is one of the oldest gatherings in the country. For transition support there is Ingersoll Center in Downtown Seattle, Rainbow Center in Tacoma and a group up in Bellingham. There are smaller groups in rural areas.  ECSC is not a dating group. We are a group of sisters that do dinners together, go skating, dancing, bowling, hold beach parties and picnics, Just things in general that make us smile. Like tonight our ally's are throwing a Christmas dinner for us. We also have a large number of spouses that join us.

Brooke Renee:
Hi Dawn!

I live in the South Sound and I am just now peeking out of the closet door.  I have gone to the website for the gala in PA so many times to daydream.  Perhaps one day. 

Have a great day,



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