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Are my maths wrong!

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I have been looking at the current waiting times for a first appointment at the NHS Gender identity Clinic (GIC). I have been waiting 2 years now and by the date they are working on ( Nov 2017) I have at least 2 years to wait. However, they have a waiting list of 10,142 and only offered 46 first appointments last month. By my maths that means anyone going on the list today will have to wait over 18 years.

I hope I am wrong…

Jessica xxx

Nope, your calculation is correct. Can you pay your own way? When I transitioned, paying your own way was the only way. 

Dear Jessica

Nice to hear from you always and coincidentally I contacted Katie Jade today to wish her Happy Christmas. She told me last June she still intends to arrange the postponed UK Meetup early 2022. Sadly Omicron has hit us recently meaning we may have to wait till April/May or whenever it is safe (or reasonably safe) to travel and meet. It will be wonderful for us all to dine and chat again.

With regard to your NHS GIC first Appointment question, my understanding is that it varies to a limited degree between GIC but 30 months is the minimum and perhaps twice that till GRS if desired. I hope another UK Member can help you but I chose private route as I am fortunate to have the assets and I did not want such a long wait.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas.


Pamela xx

Hi Pamela,

Nice to hear from you too, Happy Christmas to you and family. It would be nice to meet up again.

As for my comment above, I am working with statistics from the GIC site, I am in the south east, and they publish each month the number of referrals in the waiting list and the number new appointments.

I have just done some further research and came up with some starling figures. These are from the GID site plus my calculations. Of course this is quite crude

17-18   18-19   19-20   20-21   total of 4 years
2395           2552           2565          2242      9754

    Number of ref since I joined the list   4807
      Number on list when I joined    4947
           Waiting time in years @ current
                 rate of 46 per month                   8.9

If this is true then I would be 78 when I get my first appointment

I have been getting private HRT for the last 2years at about £60 a month. As I am well past retirement age it comes from my pension, plus my working. I would like to fully retire one day soon and then will find it harder to pay for it with no chance of GRS. My GP is partially helpful but will not proscribe the meds under my private gender clinic supervision but at least allows my bloods to be NHS.

I really hope this is not the situation and soon the GIC will increase its workload but with the state of the NHS I do not think it is going to be one of their priorities.

Jessica xx


--- Quote from: Jessica_K on December 19, 2021, 04:35:09 pm ---I really hope this is not the situation and soon the GIC will increase its workload but with the state of the NHS I do not think it is going to be one of their priorities.

--- End quote ---

You're very likely right with that Jessica. Not to mention Covid has put extra pressure on the health services. I know someone with stage 4 Cancer, who can't get treatment or even palliative care because my local health authority has its hands full. The NHS is a bit pressed at the moment. Has been for almost 2 years now. I was supposed to have a consult because of my particular situation but they cancelled 4 times now. Because I am not deemed "life threatening."

The NHS is great for the most part... except when something comes up that affects most of society. Then it's like getting snow here in the UK. It doesn't know how to cope with it and quickly gets stretched to breaking point.

If you can afford private care, do it. Because the NHS is being pushed to its limits right now. And has been for some time, sadly.


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