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Transfeminine Question: Is Your Moon in Virgo?

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I'm just curious because I just found out that I was born under a Virgo moon on January 19th, 1995. Virgo is often associated with feminine energies, traits, and qualities. I then wondered how many other trans girls may have ALSO been born under a Virgo Moon, to see if there's any correlation...I'm weird lol. 😅

I am a Virgo. Anyone else?

Battle Goddess:

--- Quote from: Rakel on December 21, 2021, 07:43:52 pm ---I am a Virgo. Anyone else?

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I had not heard of born in a moon until now so had to look it up
No I am Aquarius.
When I looked at the Aquarian personality it kinds sums me up

--- Quote --- PERSONALITY

Aquarius Moons have the ability to discern things objectively without being swayed by emotions. Despite giving off a cool and aloof impression, Aquarius Moons are actually quite friendly and are capable of getting along with people across age, gender, nationality, and ethnicity. With a strong desire to make the world a better place, they are often interested in doing volunteer work or going green.

Aquarius Moons astonish others with their out-of-the-box thinking and flash of genius. In their mind, any kind of convention is there to be questioned and potentially changed.

Aquarius Moons tend to be seen as a bit of an oddball due to their unique lifestyle, philosophy, or fashion. This, however, is precisely how an Aquarius Moon attracts abundance into their life. They can turn their fortune around by openly being who they are, instead of trying to fit in.
--- End quote ---

Jessica xx

Hi Ellie Jane, geez  had to go look too! Well I was also born under a Virgo moon, the description also summed up much of my traits which explains a bunch of things.  Thanks for the post, very interesting subject.


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