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Anyone play?

Julie H:
Most every day when my friend is in town. More Purple more better character sheet is behind a paetreon wall but it is worth the 1 month to get the sheet. It is a steep learning curve to get the sheet working but when you do it's great.

I started playing in 1989 just as 2nd edition was being released. Since then I've played on and off with various groups. I've had a dry spell for the last year and a half. I came out to the group of friends I was playing. Over the next few months everyone kind of came with excuses why they couldn't play so disbanded. Then I found out they had created another chat group without me and had been gaming. Apparently they didn't like the fact that I was trans.

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Haley Conner:
Such people are to be pitied, and D&D is an awesome game.

Yeah, the sad part is we had been friends for years and we started gaming when I invited them all to my house to play. Coming out to friends has been a regret for me. I really do miss playing the game.

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