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skin-fit women underwear feels so good

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It feels really so good, for the first few hours of wear, but after 2 hours, it doesn't feel so good and you will hesitate, it feels good, it doesn't feel good, it's hard to tell how it feels, it's so amazing. After 6 hours, you will want to take it off without too much thinking. But now, after getting used to, I cannot turn back the clock, I just feel so bad if there is a day I don't wear it.....

If your underwear is the proper size, you should not feel it at all. If it is unconfortable after a few hours, it is most likely too small or just a bad fit.

The amazing feelings are most likely due to being able to wear gender confirming clothing. Somehow, it just feels right and this is the way it should have been all along. Not everyone feels this way. We all have our own issues and we all have our own ways of dealing with those issues, whatever they may be.

Take care and if the clothes fit, wear it, with pride.  :-*

I suppose new sensations can be thrilling to some extent, so enjoy.  We all have our individual preferences.
I do suggest to all that clothing worn should fit the occasion or situation in terms of appropriateness. 

Clothes do need to fit well.  Bras especially.  I suppose “body shapers” would by nature be tight, but too much tightness may not be a desirable fit.

I have heard that skinny jeans are now passé or out of style.  Leggings may have replaced the tight or skintight look.

I am no fashionista.

Certainly as our wonderful @Rakel stated, gender affirming clothing does give you a good feeling, as it feels just right and natural. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!



--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on January 02, 2022, 11:40:16 am ---I have heard that skinny jeans are now passé or out of style.  Leggings may have replaced the tight or skintight look.

--- End quote ---

News to me?  I love my skinny jeans, they're so comfy!  I can't wear leggings that's for sure, well not in public places, lol.


Skinny jeans and leggings have been the main trend here, especially among young girls, but I avoid them because of the hygienic reason: they may cause dermatological problems such as fungal infection and rash.

I mostly wear skirts, but do wear jeans once or twice per year.



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