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So, how do you get into places that require an ID when you don't look anything like your ID?

It's always going to be difficult if your ID picture doesn't resemble you.

I am worried about showing my ID and they not giving it back to me. My driver's license photo looks like I just crawled off my bike.
On my driver's license I have a beard, bandana, my leather jacket. And I had shaved legs and painted toenails 😁. I did have earrings on. I have worn earrings daily for over 30 years.

I honestly think I get carded from curious waitstaff more than anything else. I usually say "Sure, but you won't believe it's me"


Very rare to be asked for ID, far to old to be carded for age limited purchases lol.
My two forms of ID are passport which has a photo from about 5 years ago, before transitioning and currently still in my dead name. This is because, with the 2 years of no travel, I still have flights book for the summer that were bought nearly 3 years ago, before my name change. You must have the same name for tickets and passport.  Not paying for both a new passport and change of tickets. My second form of ID is my drivers licence, this is in my correct name, it is free to change name and gender, but has a photo of about 20 years ago!! When I changed from paper to plastic ID my photo was taken from my then quite old passport and although driver licences have to be renewed ever 10 years, mine was extended as I have to re-apply for my licence this year (when I am 70) and again I was too tight to pay for the photo change until I have to lol

Jessica xxx


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