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Veronica Morph:
i recall a time that i did a bad turn in a busy area at night, where there are bars and pubs and too many turists, and a police officer quickly pulled me over, i was wearing a little mini dress, very shiny etc, an a bad make up, cause i was to do it once i was going to find a spot where to park, the officer at first did not recognized i was a guy, he asked for my id and my registration and i gave both docs to his hand and said with my usual voice, “here” , then i asked what did a do,
he looked at me and at my legs and complete checked me out, and i felt strange, he said u did a bad turn, i said oh sorry i didnt see the sign, he said is ok
k just drive carefull mam, and gave me back my docs.... and he left.
ifelt really nervous but not guilty, or scared, nervous for him to asked me to step out and test me the alchol level or some sort of circus i was really wearing very sexy dress and shoes, my plan was to just walk around once i was going to be ready with my makeup.


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