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E-Mail Notifications Not Working?

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I have subscribed to a number of topics as well as individual threads on this forum to receive notifications via email when new messages are being posted. I noticed that for the last 4 weeks or so I have not received a single notification although I know that new messages have ben posted to subscribed topics. I spot-checked some of the topics and they still show as subscribed (i.e. offering me an 'unnotify' option instead of the 'notify' one). Do other folks on this forum experience the same?

I read everything, so I don't have any topics on Notify. I added this one, so I'll let you know if I get a notification when there is a reply.

I do not subsccribe to any e-mail notifications. I am just replying to this for Devlyn.

I got an email notification for Rakel's post.


--- Quote from: Devlyn on January 12, 2022, 01:40:03 am ---I got an email notification for Rakel's post.

--- End quote ---

Technology can be wonderful.

I wonder why if I select a smiley or BOLDING that neither is always inserted at the correct location.  Instead of inserting the Web site’s smiley at the cursor or the bolding of the selected words, both operations tend to be at the leftmost position of the first line in my message, after an inserted quote if there is one.

This used to work every time.  This could be user device dependent now but it worked well say six months ago; but, has been problematic since.  Not a big deal.  I can use my smiley instead of the Web site’s smiley and if I want to, I can insert manually the markup language for bolding.



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