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E-Mail Notifications Not Working?

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Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: Iztaccihuatl on March 02, 2022, 10:59:55 pm ---I am sorry that I have to re-activate this thread again, but I have to report that it appears that the e-mails have stopped again...


--- End quote ---
@Iztaccihuatl   cc: @Devlyn
Dear Heide:
I am glad that you felt free to activate this thread again...  no worries....
FYI ...  I have been receiving my Email notifications and I just now did a test Email to verify.
The Email notification came immediately through....
.... so my conclusion is that it is working OK as of now.

Warm Regards,

I received the notification for a new post here, and I've been getting my usual Staff notifications, so I think it's up and running. We had an outage recently, and the email system may have missed a few during the reboot? I'm just guessing here.. :)

Thanks, Devlyn and Danielle, for your replies.

That is really an odd case. The last e-mail I got from Susan's was yesterday at 3:45pm CST, nothing further since then, including both of your posts under this thread. I checked again all my spam folders and spam settings, but they are all clear.

Interestingly, my subscription notifications still work in Tapatalk on my iPhone. According to Tapatalk I have missed at least 9 notification e-mails since yesterday afternoon.

I am not sure what else I can do on my end...



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