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Been trying out my Epilator

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I have been shaving my legs for several years. Recently I bought a Braun epil 5 this is a shaver and it has epilator attachment. I used it later for the first time last week and then yesterday I used it again. I shaved both my arms and my legs with it both times. Last week I had to put it in low and just really really take my time with it and yesterday I was able to run it on high and move along better. When it pulls out the hair it makes a red spot so if you have a bunch of hairs in one spot you tend to look like you got a rash but it goes away in a day. That was my arms mainly. I have shaved my legs for years so there was just a few red dots really there. But it makes my arms and legs feel real smooth afterwards. My arms I didn't really do a very good job last week which gave me plenty more hairs to pull this time and I see you when I look in the light that they're still a few here and there I didn't get. But I did not need to shave my arms and legs all last week. I was wondering if anybody had tried this on their face? I would really like to get those hairs gone and smooth. So far what I have seen this thing works really good. But you have to grit your teeth to use it of course....


Any device that pulls out the hair by the roots will not be permanent. It makes no difference if you use the epilator or a tweezer or adhesive tape or have it waxed, the hair follicle is not destroyed and the hair will grow back in a week or two. However, for those two weeks, you will be very smooth.  ;)

Lazer is more effective in removing dark hairs, but to really have permanent hair loss in the areas we need, face and lower body, you need electrolysis. Estrogens will reduce body hair to something similar to other women in your family, but hormones are not effective on face and pubic areas. Those need to be zapped with galvanic or thermal electrolysis.

My electrologist has been working on me for almost 300 hours now. She is using a computer controlled blended electrolysis machine to minimize the occurance of facial scaring. It is effective, but it takes a while to see results. Sometimes the late transitioners like me will spend more money on electrolysis that on GCS.

Good luck and take care.  :-*

I have the Silk Epil 9, love it! I use mine on my face, and it  has gotten to the point where I rarely have to do it. As always, YMMV.  :)

Hugs, Devlyn

I have given laser removal of thought off and on but I live in a rural area and the nearest place Google pulled up was 80 miles. I've been shaving my legs for years then upper body then the arms finally. It has only taken a few minutes every day to do that. I don't mind, actually I like shaving my legs. But the Epilator my arms and legs still feel very smooth and I haven't touched them since Saturday. I'm going to give it a try on my face. Makeup is my hurdle right now and I want to look real nice.

I would not recommend epilator for legs, because of ingrown hairs.

In my case, I have reduced most my leg and armpit hairs with Tria home laser.,97170.msg715119.html#msg715119

I will use the Tria for my teenage daughter, as she has more body hair than me now.



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