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Been trying out my Epilator

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Nora Kay:

--- Quote from: Tig58072 on January 23, 2022, 07:26:45 pm ---I have been shaving my legs for several years. Recently I bought a Braun epil 5 this is a shaver and it has epilator attachment. I used it later for the first time last week and then yesterday I used it again. I shaved both my arms and my legs with it both times. Last week I had to put it in low and just really really take my time with it and yesterday I was able to run it on high and move along better. When it pulls out the hair it makes a red spot so if you have a bunch of hairs in one spot you tend to look like you got a rash but it goes away in a day. That was my arms mainly. I have shaved my legs for years so there was just a few red dots really there. But it makes my arms and legs feel real smooth afterwards. My arms I didn't really do a very good job last week which gave me plenty more hairs to pull this time and I see you when I look in the light that they're still a few here and there I didn't get. But I did not need to shave my arms and legs all last week. I was wondering if anybody had tried this on their face? I would really like to get those hairs gone and smooth. So far what I have seen this thing works really good. But you have to grit your teeth to use it of course....

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My experience with an epilator. Hmmmmm. The more you do it the less it hurts. I know some say it’s not permanent and some hairs just will never go away no matter how many times you pluck them. But my arms were the hairiest arms you ever saw. And there is still hair there but maybe I’ll go over my arms every 6 months now. Any hair left is light and thin thin thin. Can’t even see them now. And I was able to stand it on my chest and I still have hair there but super thinned and nothing like my stomach. The place it hurts me bad. Can’t stand the pain there. And what I found is hormones keep you hairless longer in the spots that come back. No hair on my back as long as I was on hrt.

Also I found something on Amazon. It’s a cream that you put on after you wax or epilate or laser(anything that removes the hair completely. And supposed to go into the empty follicle and kill or keep the hair from regrowing. It has tons of 5 star reviews. Was going to get some. Wax my neck and see if it works. But that may hurt. I have to find it again. I’ll go see if I can if there is any interest.


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