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Boobies pockets!


Hey ladies if you haven't discovered these yet you have to try them out. I got them on Amazon for 10 bucks and some change. These are pouches that you can put your breast form in. They're shaped like your form and they're sold in a sizes that will fit your form. You put your boob in one side and push it up in there and then pull the flap over to cover it and then put it in your bra and at the top of the tear drop of there is like a hook and you just hook that over your bra strap. I wear a bralette and it held my boobs in place all day for the last 3 days. Usually they start to tip when you have to readjust them periodically through the day but this works really good I don't have to adjust them or so far worried about them coming out.

What is the actual name of the product you're discussing? The term "boobies pockets" doesn't bring anything up in Amazon search. It kind of sounds to me like you are describing a pocket bra.

Doesn't seem to have an actual name. Search silicon breast protective pocket sleeves. They're not a pocket bra they are two small bags that your form fits in.
I just did the search and it works. The manufacturer is Macimiu.

OK, I found them. That's an interesting type of product I didn't know about. They all seem to ship directly from China. You can find the on both Amazon and eBay. Another search to try is "protect pocket silicon breast forms". I may order some and try it. One Amazon comment said the clip for the bra strap can come loose sometimes. I suppose the things may take a bit of finagling to suit your usage, though.

My straps are narrow and kind of thick and they have not come off of them yet. I think just by looking at the clips if your straps were wide and real thin that it is possible they could occasionally work off. It would not be hard to make them stay though. I have been wearing mine everyday and have not had an issue with them coming unhooked or moving or coming out of the bra.


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