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Wow! Soft Latch Nipple Pumps

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valerie anne:
As part of my plan to maximise my bust & induce breast milk, I spend a lot of time pumping my nipples.

I have found a fantastic new nipple pump, suitable for those with some nipple growth already.

These are Hunkyjunk pumps:

They are a bit stiff to operate, but once they latch on, they really draw you out deep but in some comfort. I have been wearing mine for several hours, and I am huge but with no sore points or red nipple rings.

On taking them off, I got a really heavy but soft fill into my breast milk pumps.


Can you wear them to bed? How long can you wear them.

valerie anne:
Hi Rachel,

Yes, I have worn these nipple pumps in bed for the entire night. They don't pop off, as they give a very deep but soft & comfortable latch.

In the morning, the results are quite spectacular and with no soreness or flange marks on the areolas.

They are nevertheless quite challenging to wear, so they are perhaps not for beginners.

Wearing them during the day, I am very front heavy, and I need firm under-bust support without my bra pushing the pumps in. I am currently using an underwired bra with loose unpadded lace cups. Also, when I take the pumps off, I need to place soft silicone nipple shields in my bra cups to avoid chafe.


I just got a set last week and use them when I dilate. The are nice and easy to use. I do like the breast pump better but they are very easy to use.

I bought these last week.  Unfortunately I don’t think they are very good as they do not provide enough suction.  At least that is my experience. 


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