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Pamela's BA Consultation at Transform UK Jan 27th

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Hello again Everyone

It was always likely but I was advised to wait before committing; I am 4 years HRT and determined now is the time for Breast Augmentation. Main reason obviously is larger and rounder to give me more confidence but also to correct my asymmetry and hopefully to achieve some cleavage. Therefore I arranged and attended Consultation with Mr Khoda at Transform The Pines in Wythenshawe on January 27th. It went better than I anticipated and Mr Khoda answered all my questions (including the possibility of skin stretching to make nipples/areolae appear larger). Then he examined me and to my surprise told me I have sufficient breast tissue for OVER instead of under the muscle and he advised and I agreed to OVER. We agreed incision to be made at breast crease. Afterwards I was measured and tried on some Silicon Implants which as I expected are Mentor and High Profile Plus. The weight is manageable and they look great. As my Right <not allowed> is larger than my Left <not allowed>, the sizes to be inserted will be either R515cc  L570cc or R570cc L620cc TBD on the day of operation - my preference is the latter because I felt an affinity and comfort with them!

The following day I confirmed I will pursue and paid accordingly. The icing on the cake is that as no available appointment at Wythenshawe (which would have meant travelling there and back same day), they will pick me up at my house and drive me to Transform Burcott Hall Bromsgrove on Monday February 28th, have operation that afternoon and overnight stay and drive me home Tuesday March 1st with no extra charge for travel and overnight stay! A very good deal.

I shall let you know in March result of my BA and how I feel.


Pamela xx

I am happy for you.  :)

I made my decision to get a BA about 5 years after I started HRT. I had pretty much stopped growing and I felt that I was still a bit too small for my chest size. I spent quite a bit of time researching my options and finding the proper surgeon was a challange.

Good luck and I hope you get the results you are looking for.

Thank you so much Rakel for your kindness and support.


Pamela xx

Good for you!  It is interesting to see that you are going twice the size that I did. We are different! :-* ;)

That really does sound like a great deal you have there Pamela..  the fact you get travel and overnight stay is awesome..
If I do ever consider BA then I will indeed look at what you have arranged in a lot more detail.

Hoping everything goes really well for you. I am sure it will.  Hugs


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