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Any clergy, church, temple or other religious workers?


Hi everyone. Anyone from the clergy, church, temple, or other religious workers here, dealing with, shall we say, "all this?" Or know anyone or is the SO of...  I mean people for whom it's a full-time or major calling, not just people active in their place of worship. How did you/they go about things? Of course I mean all traditions world over, not just the main Judeo-Christian traditions of the US (or UK or Western Europe)... wondering if any of the older, more conservative institutions, particularly with mother churches out east have started building bridges or is it summary exile. I recently learned that one of the gentlest faiths I know of(not mine), is also one of the harshest in non-acceptance and was surprised. I know there are many newer, more accepting denominations... want to know if anyone is from older schools of thought.
Thanks for reading.


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