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Do you fidget or adjust your bra shoulder straps much?

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Do you fidget or adjust your bra shoulder straps much?

It seems that at times I reach in and move the straps.  Some days more often than other days, but not when others might notice.  Not sure if I need to set them at a different length and then see if I adjust as much or not.
That is because of how I move them:  a bit more inward towards my neck, then it feels “more right.”  The shoulder straps’ length seems perfect though.

Regardless, I can wear my bras now pretty comfortably all day long if I wish.  They feel great after getting a good fit and the breasts having grown more.


Northern Star Girl:
When wearing Tank Tops, many times if you don't want your bra straps to show, ...  they have to me moved inward or outward....   whatever is needed....
.... unless of course you are layering and desire to have your bra straps show... 
showing one or more bright colored straps when layering can be a fashion statement.


My shoulder straps generally stay put unless I'm doing something active with my arms.


Mine are usually okay apart from when changing gear driving as my left shoulder drops .

The right shoulder strap on mine tends to slip off, so I need to put it back on top.  This might relate to some damage I suffered when I rolled a car and my shoulder struck the ground.  Our shoulders are heavier than a ciswoman's, so bra straps tend to be at the longest adjustment.  The first bras I bought (a long time ago) weren't adjustable, so I had to cut the straps and sew in extensions.


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