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wearing a swimsuit after orchiectomy ?


I am wondering if after the orchiectomy you were able to wear a woman's swimsuit without a bulge or how hard it was to hide the leftover male part swimming or diving ?  I currently wear baggy shorts when doing scuba.

I never had an orchiectomy, I went straight to GCS, so I am probably not the best source on how to deal with this issue.

However, I have many friends who are cross dressers and those ladies are experts at tucking in their genital area. It can be done.

Additionally, I am a scuba diver here in Florida and many of the lady divers here wear boy shorts and a tank top for diving. Worn under a wetsuit, nobody can tell what you have down there.

This is me shortly after my orchiectomy.

Hi Devlyn

This is a nice bikini and it fits you perfectly.

Best wishes

Nadine Spirit:
Hmmm....... my orchi has made wearing a bikini better, but not great. I still have enough down there that to me it does not look as it should. It looks like what I am actually doing. My wife says I'm paranoid and that nobody notices. Well, after this summer she will be correct, nobody will notice it, lol.

I really think your answer has a lot to do with how much you will have left after an orchi as well as the individual swimsuit, oh and your own perception of how it looks. 

Good luck!


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