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Hips filling surgery


I didn't know exactly where to post this, as there's no section about the body in general, but I wanted to discuss hip fillers, or lipofilling the hips.

Has anyone here done it? I don't mind my hips, but I have to say, I wouldn't mind having them a tiny bit filled on the side, to have more of a fuller appearance and to have more contrast between the waist and shoulders.

Did you do normal filler or lipo? and how much is it usually? I was wondering whether to get some info about it and see whether to do 1 round if that's enough to sort of fill them out a bit.

I aim totally happy with my bottom, as it's full. but anyway, love to hear from you

When I had my tummy tuck last summer, I had the surgeon lipo all of the area that was going to be "waste" and put it into my hips.  There was enough there to fill in the little divots we naturally have in the front part of our hips.  It didn't make a HUGE difference, but it was better than nothing!

I think it really depends on how much fat is being lipo'ed as to whether it is worth it.  My situation was that I had lost about a third of my bodyweight over the last 5-6 years.  I had a lot of loose skin because of the extreme weight loss, so I got a tummy tuck.  There wasn't a whole lot of fat left, but the surgeon was able to be pretty aggressive with the lipo of my lower abdomen because that area was about to be removed 30 minutes later anyway.  I STILL didn't have THAT much fat for transfer.

Hope it helps!


Thanks Sara, I know some will also use the normal filler, in small quantities. I'd like to definitely research more, I don't have a lot of fat but then again tho, I don't know how much they'd need to sort of sculpt the hip better a bit.


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