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Accessing NHS pathway from private pathway


Hi all, can anyone tell me if someone is getting hormone treatment privately by GenderGP, how they could then go about accessing NHS treatment to take that over?

I'm worried they'll say, 'well you started privately, so you have to stay private' where the truth is, that was just due to years long waiting lists and there's no possibility of affording surgery at a later date, it's important to access the NHS pathway still at an early stage...

Any insight greatly appreciated thank you

Hello Friday

I have a recent thread on this problem on HRT Board ' HRT from NHS GIC" and therefore I suggest you read that thread as there are some hopeful signs therein to anxwer your question above. Make a comment on that thread to alert the other previous posters on that thread if you wish please.

I had no intention at the start in 2017 of using NHS for the reason you describe. Therefore I selected GenderGP for therapy followed by HRT which I commenced in February 2018. I do not pay for my medication due to agreement  between GenderGP and my NHSGP (free under NHS) but pay only my monthly subscription to GenderGP. I had GRS privately in June 2021 and BA privately in February 2022 (my thread on BA Board refers). However I have recently decided that I now wish to move from GenderGP to wholly NHS for HRT. My HRT Board thread above should give hope to you and me.

I have as recently as February 2022 applied to my NHSGP for her to register me at NHSGIC JUST FOR HRT after which I expect to wait perhaps 3 years unless procedures change as my HRT Board thread implies!

Wishing you resolution and happiness.


Pamela xx

Thanks Pamela,

I thought there might be something but so many threads and didn't think to try hrt in the search x


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