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Every time a person of note, political or otherwise, is caught in a compromising situation, it gets reported by the news media. Salacious news sells.

Allison R:
Rakel, unfortunately that's what gets us in the news as well. Visibility is important to acceptance, but it certainly is a double edged sword. I just wish that there were more true information, more widely available. I guess if a person is interested they'll find it, but unless you have theses feelings, why would you look? And if you're like me and you don't understand what those feelings are, well here we are.

Rachel Montgomery:
From the people I talk to about the bathroom issue (these are all very transphobic people, because that is all I know here in Alabama), the women aren't really worried about actual transwomen in the bathroom (locker rooms are a different story on that issue).  They are worried that some creepy cis-het MAN will CLAIM to be trans so that HE can prey upon them or upon younger girls.  I don't have a ready solution to the problem of cis-het men using us as cover to gain access to women's private spaces and assault people, but it has actually happened and been reported in the news, so the fear isn't irrational. 

Again, the transphobic cis-women I know aren't actually afraid of us, they are afraid of men (people we would agree are men).  They may be rude to us, but that isn't out of fear.  That is their bigotry playing out.  Are there some women somewhere that are actually afraid of us because of the sensationalized news accounts of men posing as women?  Yes.  Again, I don't know what to do about that.  But, there is an underlying threat that they are recognizing, and although we are not the source of that threat we are the target of actions to confront the threat.  Our reputation is being harmed by the wrongful actions of cis-het predators.  It is unfair.  How do you propose we address the issue?

Allison R:
You know, that was really just a rant, and I don't have any idea how to combat it Rachel. I know this may have come across complaining with no remedy(since that is exactly what it was), I was really just bemoaning the lack of general knowledge about it.

With that being said, the problem is far above my pay grade, not that I won't ponder it, just that I am unlikely to be the one who does solve it.

Thanks for the challenge Rachel.

Maid Marion:
The Texas congressman who financed the US involvement in Afghanistan was a notorious womanizer.
Supposedly the movie Charlie Wilson's War was a toned down version of what really went down!

I do my part by dressing all the time, especially at work and when shopping.
I've done exceptional work for decades and have pay grade just below what the managers make.
I figure with time everyone will get used to how I present.  This week I'm wearing deep pink nail polish.



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