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New Tree from Old


   Be strong little bud. You have so much potential. You are sprouting from the stump of a mighty tree. You are both new and old.

   Your roots run so deep. No one knows how far down you have had to dig to find that strength to grow again. You were once a mighty and tall tree that stretched far into the sky and gave so much of your fruit to others. You gave until you could give no more and the worms devoured you from the inside out. You fought the winds and the lightning. You stood tall above the flood waters. You provided shade in the heat of the day to others who were scorched and weary.

   You have seeded so much joy and love to the earth around you and it shows by the life that has sprung up.
But when you could give no more fruit, you were hewn down and used to provide warmth in the cold, hateful winter.

   Now, after a season of loss you have a new sprout. I small sapling with but one leaf. But that one leaf is soaking up the sun and those deep roots are drawing strength from the deep pools of tears that no one sees. Raise your arms little tree. Stretch your limbs and embrace life! That which was dead will live again and reach heights that it never did before.

   Yes, the scar of a life past will remain where you started but rather than define you it will serve to remind you, you are still here and you are alive!

...and life goes on.

Many times, new growth is stronger than what was there before. It really just depends on acceptance and nourishment.


--- Quote from: Rakel on March 16, 2022, 05:30:38 am ---...and life goes on.

--- End quote ---

Indeed. This came to me as I was working through heartbreak. I have survived and will continue to survive.


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