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What is the length and other aspects of your hair?

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My hair is now much longer than in my picture. I have not been to a hairdresser in over 6 years. I just let it grow and keep it clean. Shampoo and conditioner for me. That's all.

I pull my hair back into a pony tail to keep it out of my face and right now my hair comes down to my mid back, about bra length or maybe a little more, unless I have it tucked through the back opening of my baseball cap, which I wear often when outdoors in the bright sun. Then my hair comes down to just below my neck and between my shoulder blades.

Brown / dark blond (highlights)
Shoulder length
Parted slightly right of center
My hair is pretty fine, not thick.


Northern Star Girl:
Hair!!!!!   A picture is worth a thousand words !!!  :)



Maid Marion:
Wavy salt and pepper hair.  Reaches past the middle of my back.
Think I last had it cut four years ago.  These days I trim off the split ends.


big kim:
Silver, around midback length, it seems to have stopped growing any longer. Thinner than it was unfortunately. I refuse to be an old lady with short hair even though I'm 64!

it's usually quite windy near Blackpool & I like riding motorcycles so I often braid my hair in the day as well as forsleeping. Just learned rope braids 

I had some wavy curls when I had a trim in January,unfortunately the Blackpool weather (single figure temperature & strong wind) soon straightened it out!


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