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What types of breads do you enjoy?

There are so many!

Perhaps zucchini bread?  French baguette?   Whole wheat?



Is all of the above a fair answer? I like bread. I come from a long line of bread eaters and bread lovers... I used to have a great sourdough starter and backed my own every few weeks..

problem is bread really likes me too. it -um- sticks around abit..

I think that raisin bread can be tasty too.


I tend to like hardy bread(a good crust), but I try to avoid it. In general I try to keep my carb consumption under 200g a day and if I am doing keto, 30g a day. The only bread I really don't like is sourdough. When I lived in Iowa, that's all they had. Italian bread was sourdough, French bread was sourdough. I was like, <not allowed>? The thing is, they have very parochial tastes and I had to accept it, so I skipped it and would bake my own if I wanted it. Forget about pizza. They thought dominos is good pizza.

Northern Star Girl:
I usually like Whole Wheat bread but sometimes I like the multi-grain breads too.

I love to make and bake Banana Bread and Zucchini Bread.


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