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Do you think you have enough clothes now for your MTF wardrobe?

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Do you think you have enough clothes now for your MTF wardrobe?  Are new purchases most likely just a want now instead of a need?

I realize that clothes wear out, there are some situations and venues that you might need to buy specific clothes for, fashions go out of date, moving to a new climate may require different clothes, and you can change sizes.

But I have noticed that after many hours and days of shopping and wearing these nice clothes that it may be that future purchases would likely be a want rather than a need.  Good thing, as about everything seems to cost more now than last year.

Does this apply to you or are you just beginning to accumulate your wardrobe?

Perhaps it is fair to separate clothing items from purses, shoes, boots, jewelry, and other accessories. 


Northern Star Girl:
    Re: Do you think you have enough clothes now for your MTF wardrobe?

I have way too many....   early on when I went first went Full time I was "shopping crazy" ...

Every so often I go through my closet and chest of drawers and take inventory and when
there are items that do not quite fit right, or that I don't wear often, I bag them up and give
them to friends or to a thrift shop.


Initially my shopping was 'it fits, so I'll buy it'. Once I had enough clothing (if that's even possible), I began to be more discriminating, buying clothes which I thought would look good on me, then buying seasonally appropriate fashion. My purchases have slowed down quite a bit now, but I'm always looking for awesome leggings and dresses!

Shoes and boots are still difficult for me, not too many places carry women's size 13.

Love always -- Jessica Rose

I love to shop... it's very much therapy for me.  But I shifted from the mall to the thrift shops.  It's easier on the budget!

But contrary to some of my friends' belief- I don't have unlimited closet space!  As I add new items to my closet I pull items out that I got earlier in my journey.  I'm happy that they can go to live with other people whose style (and size) fits them better!



Can a girl ever have enough clothes ? No. I am satisfied with what i have but could quite happily shop and shop and shop. Most things now are wow i like that will buy it, not that i need it :)


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