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Do you think you have enough clothes now for your MTF wardrobe?

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I just went to Wal-Mart and bought 12 spaghetti strap cami tops. They are not for coming out. They are to help hide my increasing bust line. My chest has increased from 35 inches to 38 inches. Under bust is 31.5 inches and over bust is 33.5 inches. Seems to be going up an inch a week. I want my face giving me away not my bust. I am going to hide them under my polos to smooth out my nipples and sneak wash them after mom and dad go to bed to wash them as I mentioned above unless I can get somebody to do it for me and return them to me. Wardrobe gets a slight increase. These are my first tops of any kind.

Scoop neck women's short sleeve tees were my purchase today at Wal-Mart. I am getting some clothes now. I won't be using these until I am out of the closet. I am preparing myself for a September reveal. My boobs are not hiding theirselves forever.


--- Quote from: JennyTG on April 05, 2022, 01:27:52 am ---It's very therapeutic Chrissy, I'm going to have to do it more often though.

As for where my clothing is mostly bought,hmmmm...occasionally used on auction sites for retro or very unique pieces but mostly new from cheaper stores (like your Targets etc).  Those kind of stores have more than enough for my tastes anyways.


--- End quote ---


There is great satisfaction in finding some nice clothes, trying them on, and they fit and look really pretty good on you.  I have too many so as they show some wear or they do not fit as well, unless they are favorites I do pass them on for others to use.  If after diligently working to get out a stain and failing to remove it, I now give those away too and vow to be more careful so no more stains are created.  Someone still may want that with the stain.

If one has enough clothes, greater restraint is called for to not spend too much on things that have become mostly wants rather than needs.  Buying that pretty blouse too many times and there goes some money that could have been spent on a vacation or something more urgent.  So when I see a pretty blouse now, it has got to fit well, be priced right, and look pretty good on me to buy it. 

However it is easy to break that buying moderation rule if I do not keep my discipline wits about me, that’s for sure.  It is fun going to look though, as there often are pretty clothes that show up for sale.  Maybe pretty enough to buy.  In moderation of course.



Outside my jeans, panties and coats, I now have only enough clothes to fill one garbage bag. It is getting better but I am still missing a lot of items. I still have no extra shoes and no bras. I still have a ways to go. Those first three a re what I am allowed to openly wear. Rest I still have to hide that I own them. I have one garbage bag filled with everything I have bought in the last few weeks.


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