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Anyone seriously thinking of or already have a EV or a Hybrid car?

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--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on March 28, 2022, 10:32:16 pm ---@Rakel
Dear Rakel:
I agree with and I share your concerns regarding the fire issues with Lithium Ion Batteries ...
You are most likely aware of the Automobile Car Carrier Ship that caught fire and then sunk in
the Atlantic ocean last month.
There were over 4,000 luxury cars on the ship, and many of them Electric Vehicles.

I agree with the reply comment authored by @Kalandrina that Hydrogen batteries might be
a better alternative but the other problem is that Hydrogen is extremely flammable and explosive....   

....We all remember the Hindenburg airship disaster:

If I had an Electric Vehicle in my garage I would be initially concerned and purchase more fire insurance.
... and what about multi-car accidents on the roads ???
....the Electric Vehicle fire issue could be a future problem that is coming our way.


--- End quote ---

There were a few of the 4000 luxury vehicles that were EV's -- not very many.  One of them catching fire took out the whole ship.  Likewise as the technology stands today Hydrogen has its risks.

Volkswagen keeps dropping hints about its upcoming replacement for the MicroBus.  Being a sort of left over flower child this is interesting to me.  They talk about it, but as so many interesting ideas from Volkswagen it remains vapor ware.  This is to be an EV and it is the only EV I might consider.  The range issue basically reduces it to a pretty toy.  Like any other girl I do like pretty things.  I bought a VW New Beetle TDI back in the day because I thought it was cute.  The poor little bug is getting rather long in the tooth, but I still see it as cute.  The difference is it can go a bit further than 300 miles on a fill so it is practical for a road trip.


In the early 1900s, about 40% of cars were electric cars.  About 40% were steam powered.  About 20% were powered by gasoline. 


I think it was the German fire department that had a way off putting out EV battery fires, the whole car gets immersed in a tank of water and left for 2 days . There have been a lot of fires started by portable devise /tool batteries left on charge ,a farmhouse being renovated was burnt to the ground by drill battery left on charge overnight . I never leave any unattended .


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