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UK passport for Dual citizen
« on: April 01, 2022, 01:28:56 am »
So, I am a Dual citizen and my nationality is Italian but I have been living in the UK since I was 19, and unfortunately in Italy the laws for trans people are still pretty strict.

So, name change etc can only be done via courts (which can be expensive and takes time) and after gender confirmation surgery. even name change isn't allowed before that like in the UK.

I have recently naturalised and my naturalisation is obviously in my new name etc, and have changed all in the UK (even NHS number etc and am a F for the UK)

Does anyone know whether they will be able to issue me a British passport with my new details due to this circumstance? You guys, I find it so anxiety inducing whenever I have to show my ID because people don't believe it's me or just act odd. I stopped buying alcohol in supermarkets because they still ID me and Id rather not go through that . (It has a pic of me from 2014 so, you can imagine... it looks like my brother)

I heard that the UK, sometimes they will allow to have two different names on passports (with a note on notation adding the dead name and passport number but id be cool with that), if you can prove that the country of nationality will make it difficult to allow name changes, and I think this is sort of the case.
Once I've done everything I will try go to Italy and change the details there too via court, but in the meantime, I don't See this happening for another year/2 years. considering how slow courts are there too. and a solicitor told me it'd cost 3000 euro for it.

Anyway, anyone had some similar problems about having 2 citizenships? any help would be appreciated